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SunGard Cloud Guru Carl Meadows

Welcome to the SunGard Availability Services “Mission Critical: Cloud” Blog.   As the SunGardAS cloud guru , I hope to use this blog to engage in conversation surrounding the rapid adoption of cloud computing solutions across organizations of virtually all sizes and verticals.  

At SunGardAS, we’ve noticed that increasingly, businesses want to get out of the business of owning and maintaining their own hardware and take advantage of a service provider’s capabilities.   As cloud is a natural evolution of  managed services, which SunGardAS has been offering since 2001,  we understand the benefits of cloud and how cloud is helping to save businesses time and money, while increasing operational efficiency,We invite you to participate in the conversation. 

 – Carl Meadows, director, solutions design, SunGard Availability Services

To learn more about the SunGard Availability Services’ Enterprise Cloud Computing Solution, click here.