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SunGard Managed Recovery Program Service Delivers Higher DR Value for Enterprise Organizations

SunGard Managed Recovery Program (MRP) service continues to gain momentum. Last week, another customer came through the MRP on-boarding test process. Their comments and findings provide a “before” and “after” picture of what organizations working with this exciting new service from SunGard can expect:

  • The organization reported “significant” improvements with “tremendous value” while also “reducing the number of people we must send in the event of a disaster”.
  • A cross-discipline approach now in place at SunGard was identified as speeding problem resolution during test.
  • Improved communication between the SunGard test team and the customer’s DR team was noted, including the practice of hosting a conference call that kept all members of the team in constant communication through the test exercise.
  • SunGard’s new role of Service Deliver Manager (SDM) was cited as being key in providing a single point of communication, resulting in the “smoothest test ever” from a communications and coordination standpoint.
  • Upcoming participation by SunGard in the organization’s weekly change control meetings is anticipated to be a “very positive” measure towards enabling SunGard to lead recovery for the organization. They note this as being critical because most of their technical team is located far from the SunGard Philadelphia recovery site location.
  • The organization’s goal is to eliminate all requirements for their team to come on site, either during test or recovery.

The experience reported by this organization mirrors similar experiences of other organizations coming through the SunGard MRP test process. Examples of these experiences were recently shared at the Gartner Data Center Conference during a panel discussion led by Kerwin Myers, Sr Director of Product Management for MRP service at SunGard. Also participating on the panel discussion, were two senior Service Delivery Managers (SDMs).

If you have questions about MRP service and how it can solve disaster recovery challenges for your DR team, submit your comments and questions. The team at SunGard will get back to you promptly.

Cloud-Based Recovery: A Preview of One Organization’s Experience

The move from tape as a basis for recovery, to replication as is provided in the SunGard Recover2Cloud for Server Replication service, offers many benefits. Benefits include:

  • Faster recovery time objectives (RTOs) — recovery is guaranteed by SunGard Recover2Cloud service at sub-4 hours for the entire mission-critical applications environment that is protected
  • Improved recovery point objectives (RPOs) — offered at near-zero with Server Replication capabilities
  • Transformed recovery testing — avoiding the common costs and burdens, such as lengthy time of test, tape transport and loading, problems with not having enough time to complete test

Yet organizations sometimes seem to hesitate in adopting modern recovery methods. In an upcoming webinar scheduled for 11.30, SunGard will interview two professionals at Acacia Federal Savings Bank who have made the transition to replication-based recovery with success. Acacia will share their experiences in the webinar first-hand, to help other organizations in evaluating the SunGard Recover2Cloud service.

Some of the insights which attendees of the upcoming webinar can expect, include:

  • How replication-based recovery compares to tape-based
  • Why SunGard’s patent-pending service implementation completely transformed Acacia’s test process
  • How replication complements Acacia’s backup-to-tape strategy

Interested to attend and ask your own questions? You can register now for the live event:

  • Anantomy of a Cloud-Based Recovery
  • November 30, 2011
  • 10 am Pacific/ 1pm Eastern

In addition to speaking with Acacia representatives, a demonstration of the Recover2Cloud Server Replication product will also be offered during the webinar.