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Cloud-Based Recovery: A Preview of One Organization’s Experience

The move from tape as a basis for recovery, to replication as is provided in the SunGard Recover2Cloud for Server Replication service, offers many benefits. Benefits include:

  • Faster recovery time objectives (RTOs) — recovery is guaranteed by SunGard Recover2Cloud service at sub-4 hours for the entire mission-critical applications environment that is protected
  • Improved recovery point objectives (RPOs) — offered at near-zero with Server Replication capabilities
  • Transformed recovery testing — avoiding the common costs and burdens, such as lengthy time of test, tape transport and loading, problems with not having enough time to complete test

Yet organizations sometimes seem to hesitate in adopting modern recovery methods. In an upcoming webinar scheduled for 11.30, SunGard will interview two professionals at Acacia Federal Savings Bank who have made the transition to replication-based recovery with success. Acacia will share their experiences in the webinar first-hand, to help other organizations in evaluating the SunGard Recover2Cloud service.

Some of the insights which attendees of the upcoming webinar can expect, include:

  • How replication-based recovery compares to tape-based
  • Why SunGard’s patent-pending service implementation completely transformed Acacia’s test process
  • How replication complements Acacia’s backup-to-tape strategy

Interested to attend and ask your own questions? You can register now for the live event:

  • Anantomy of a Cloud-Based Recovery
  • November 30, 2011
  • 10 am Pacific/ 1pm Eastern

In addition to speaking with Acacia representatives, a demonstration of the Recover2Cloud Server Replication product will also be offered during the webinar.

How Do You Estimate Network Bandwidth Requirements for Cloud Recovery Services?

 —-> By Kelly Baig
The most common questions that come up when selecting cloud-based recovery services, are all about the network. Common questions include:

  • How much network bandwidth will I need to replicate my data to the cloud?
  • How much will that cost me?
  • Can I share that network connection or must it be dedicated?
  • Am I simply trading one types of costs and burdens — like those associated with tape — which I know, for a new set of costs and burderns — with which I’m unfamiliar?

    Network questions like these often slow the process of modernizing data protection. Providing specific and precise answers to these questions is also difficult, as many variables affect network requirements. As a result, the common answer offered is “it depends.”

    Getting Past “It Depends”

    SunGard Availability Services offers a better answer than “it depends,” as part of its Recover2Cloud(sm) for Server Replication service. A patent-pending capability developed by SunGard and provided as part of the service, helps organizations to precisely scope the network bandwidth required to meet their precise Recovery Point Objective (RPO) for their specific application environment.

    Called the RPO Analysis Tool, this software uses data collected from the standard Windows Performance Monitor (PERFMON) utility. SunGard analysts work with client organizations to monitor the rate of change of data in the client’s application environment. SunGard recommends analysis of a week’s worth of data. Using this data, the patent-pending RPO Analysis Tool provides a series of detailed and summary reports which aid organizations in making better decisions about how much bandwidth they must have available to lower their risk of losing data. This precision helps organizations to know in advance how much they must spend on network bandwidth to lower their risk — and to make better informed decisions in advance of encountering problems down the road.

    Example of a Summary Report from SunGard's Patent-Pending RPO Analysis Tool

    Identifying Applications with “Replication-Unfriendly” Profiles

    Another benefit of the analysis tool is to reveal applications which generate unexpectedly high rates of change of data. Some applications, such as Microsoft Office applications, may re-write entire files on each use — even when a low amount of actual change has occurred in the file. Database maintenance, which often occurs off-hours, can also increase data change rates.

    However, so far the use of this tool has revealed that in most environments protected by SunGard services, network connection speeds of less than 10 Mbps are sufficient to provide 15 min RPO or less 95% of the time.

    Attend Backup Central to Learn How to Overcome Today’s Backup Challenges

     —-> By Kelly Baig
    On Thursday this week, SunGard AS will be at Curtis Preston’s Backup Central Live! event in San Francisco. This event has become a popular forum for getting the facts on backup, recovery and storage technology. Curtis is a noted expert on data protection with an active blog site and plenty of opinions and commentary!

    Event details:

  • Thu, 20 Oct 2011
  • 8:00 AM-4:00 PM Pacific
  • Hilton San Francisco Union Square
  • 333 O’Farrell St San Francisco
  • SunGard Presentation: “Recovery Does Not Need to be the Career-Limiting Event — Modernizing for Success with Cloud and Fully-Managed Recovery Services
  • SunGard Presenter: Souvik Choudhury, Sr Director Recovery Services who leads our Online Backup and Recovery service strategy

    The event is free for IT professionals. If you’re in the area, please register and plan to stop by on Thursday!

    If you cannot make the event, please watch this forum for shared information and materials from the event. For a preview, check out our Recover2Cloud suite for information on how the combination of modern data protection, fully-managed recovery services, and enterprise-class cloud recovery platforms operate to solve recovery challenges.

    Why Focus on Recovery-as-a-Service? Solving Mission-Critical High Availability and Recovery with Cloud Services

    —–> by Kelly Baig

    Welcome to our new blog site, focused on Recovery-as-a-Service! At this site, you will find regular commentary from SunGard Availability Services (AS) recovery experts. Our experts include SunGard product managers, product developers, and recovery operations personnel — all with specialized experience on a range of topics and technologies which affect recovery.

    Recovery topics that you can anticipate appearing here in the upcoming months, include:

    SunGard AS is widely known for our superior track record and experience in managing disaster recovery on behalf of our clients. What we are less known for, however, are our modern online services which go beyond disaster recovery to solve day-to-day availability challenges for critical applications and data.

    Our recovery solutions come with best-of-breed technology components. Also, our solution approach is to enable our clients to attain their availability objectives — both Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) for data and Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) for applications — by being expert in how to make your choice of recovery infrastructure technologies operate in concert, to support your tiered applications environment at an optimized level of investment. 

    In this forum, our team looks forward to providing added visibility for you to a full range of availability solutions which are available to your organization working with SunGard recovery experts. Watch for our frequent updates and please add your voice through comments and questions.