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Author: Tony Scianna, executive vice president, SunGard’s brokerage & clearance business

Earlier today I had the pleasure of speaking with Inside Reference Data via a Twitter interview session.  The questions focused around data and some of the challenges firms are facing and What Happens Next in reference data.  The interview was grouped under the #IRDSUNGARD hashtag, but I have the transcript below for you to review.

Since we only had a short interview window, and only 140 characters to complete it, please post your full comments below, I would love to learn more about how you are approaching data challenges.

Here is the interview:

@ReferenceData: Thanks for your time today Tony

@tonyscianna: Thank you Carla, glad to be here

@ReferenceData: @tonyscianna What are the main reference data challenges the industry faces at the moment?

@tonyscianna: Leveraging data. Firms must leverage the value of the data while managing increasing volumes.

@ReferenceData: Are there any new requirements in there reference data space following the financial crisis?

@tonyscianna: A greater need for accurate, real-time data. Where is the data coming from? You need full transparency.

@ReferenceData: How do you think this space has changed in the last year?

@tonyscianna: I see more emphasis on risk mitigation, counterparty exposure, and the need for accurate valuations.

@ReferenceData: How is SunGard dealing with these data challenges?

@tonyscianna: Our Stream technology consolidates data for real-time view to help manage risk across client orgs. A client said…

@tonyscianna: Stream helps us manage risk because it’s real time, enables us to collect diff prods, bring them under 1 umbrella

@ReferenceData: How can effective data management and data integration facilitate risk evaluation?

@tonyscianna: Consolidated data can provide real-time, global, enterprise-wide view to manage risk and exposure

@ReferenceData: & how have your clients concerns/areas of focus changed in the past months?

@tonyscianna: The focus is on improving data quality and transparency, reducing risk and managing regulatory scrutiny

@ReferenceData: What are your main areas of focus at the moment?

@tonyscianna: On helping customers turn data into decisions, using real-time, holistic information from across their firm …

@ReferenceData: Where do you think the focus will be in 2010 and forward?

@tonyscianna: Continued focus on risk mitigation, regulatory changes and the need for real-time decision support

@ReferenceData:& what impact do you think increased regulatory scrutiny will have?

@tonyscianna: HUGE! It’s happening now. Firms will need timely data and holistic views to comply

@ReferenceData: Thank you very much Tony for participating in today’s Q&A

@tonyscianna: Thanks Carla. I talk more about these issues on our blog and in a video I recently recorded.

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