Author: Gerry Murphy, former president, SunGard

Lately I have been thinking more and more about how to best use social media and the many new collaborative communication technologies that are available today. For me, social media extends into many different spheres, including innovation, service, organizational culture and diversity. It is about finding and embracing new and more efficient ways to collaborate, create and work more productively as a business.

We are already seeing significant adoption of new communication technologies within our organization, such as Yammer, secure instant messaging and real-time video sharing. I firmly believe that the adoption of and potential for social media will only grow in the coming years.

Recently, SunGard’s CEO Cristóbal Conde spoke at a conference organized by the Economist about this topic, and his talk was captured in a blog post. Cris gets to the heart of what it means to create a “collaborative culture” stemming from the availability of new communication tools that have created what he calls an “idea ecosystem.” I want to share part of his talk here, as it echoes some of my own beliefs about where we are headed in terms of social media and business.

Now, an important culture shift has taken place as information technology revolutionized the way people communicate, gain knowledge and work. In turn, it’s created a new “idea ecosystem” that has unlocked a massive reserve of human potential and, just as important, growth, for corporations.

Creating a collaborative culture is also a challenge that requires the right mindset and tools to flourish. Why should people collaborate? How do leaders establish a collaborative spirit in dispersed, competitive environments? In truth, the how is much simpler: by using tools that enable rapid communication, like email, Yammer, Twitter and other social media platforms that allow people to talk to each other quickly and trade ideas that they can develop into decisions.

Read the article in its entirety here: How flattening your company multiplies intelligence.

What are your thoughts on a collaborative business culture? What are the greatest challenges arising from this shift? What is the role of social media in all of this?


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