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The Power of User Groups – Revisited

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By Dr. Ramiro Zuniga Last year, I wrote about the benefits of actively participating in a user group.  I also spoke about some of attitudes criticizing such organizations.  In my opinion, those that criticize user groups do so out of ignorance.  These individuals don’t understand the benefits of user groups because they don’t get involved.  […]

E-Portfolio: Can It Make the Difference?

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An e-portfolio, also known as Electronic Portfolio, is a collection of electronic artifacts that collectively represent the works of an individual.  Perhaps the most common use of e-portfolios is to keep track of students’ work.  Many public schools and universities actively use e-portfolios to track and record a student’s progress. But can an e-portfolio offer […]

Terminating an Employee: Positive Move? (Part 1)

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By Dr. Ramiro Zuniga Can terminating an employee be a good thing?  Truthfully, it can be, but only in specific instances.  You must ensure that the termination is unavoidable and justified.  Second, you must ensure that the results gained by the termination outweigh the negative impact. You need to understand that terminating an employee will […]

Students Address the Common Core Standards

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By Dr. Bena Kallick Finally the words that have been missing from state standards are addressed in the common core standards: “Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them” “…work independently” Common Core Standards recognize the significance of students become more self-directed learners.  Instead of raising their hands, waiting for someone to rescue them […]

P-20: Making the Case for a Common Student-based Analysis System

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A White Paper from SunGard Public Sector As of August, 2009, 39 states had formed committees or initiatives to address joint P-12 and higher education issues to improve lifelong student achievement. These are most commonly referred to as P-20 (or P-16) educational initiatives and are generally focused on a common goal set. The most prevalent […]